The art of a quality bike fitting is finding the optimal symmetry between the rider and bike, to suit the intended use. The “ideal setup” means something different for each rider depending on what they prioritise, and their current physical capability. 
At Performance Cycling CC we utilise 15 years of experience from strength and conditioning coaching, with biomechanical knowledge, cycling specific experience across a range of disciplines, and the ability to explore what is truly important to the rider as an individual. 

Who would need a professional bike fitting? 

Everyone’s body is different, which means getting a new bike may need a little bit of adjustment to match it to your needs, or even changing the riding style on an existing bike. There are some people who might not need a bike fit, if your desired goal doesn’t need to be optimised, maybe you’ve naturally stumbled on to a setup that you’re satisfied with, or you may be one of the rare few who naturally adapt to a less optimal setup very well. 

What are the reasons why you could benefit from a professional fitting? 

Some of us have longer legs and shorter torsos; some go the other way. People may pedal a little bit differently than others; maybe you have one leg that is slightly longer than the other, or a single sided ankle mobility issue that you never even knew about. In addition to our anatomical differences, injuries or personal goals can affect how your bike should be set up to maximize comfort, efficiency, and power. 
Common reasons for needing a bike fit include - 
Enhancing overall rider comfort 
Preventing injuries 
Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness from your current bike setup 
Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency 
Improving overall performance on the bike 
Making sure your next bike purchase is the correct one for you 
“The best rides are the ones where you bite off more than you can chew, and live through it.” 
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