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Strength training makes a cyclist better, it’s as simple as that! This statement is true outside of the realms of cycling, strength training makes any person better. 
At PerformanceCyclingCC we use the science of strength training alongside phased nutrition adjustments depending on the stage of training you’re at. Some people will prioritise strength training throughout the year due to the physical and mental benefits that it brings, others will have periods of training phased in to suit their schedule. 
There is no perfect formula for this, just an optimised input based on a number of factors at any given period of time. If this all sounds a little complicated, don’t worry that’s where you’ll be able to lean on an experienced S&C coach to answer any questions and take away the uncertainty. 
Most people think strength training is just for looks, but this couldn’t be further from the truth (it’s just a nice little side effect). Benefits include - 
Increased power to weight ratio, on a bike or elsewhere 
Injury prevention 
Improved posture 
Reduced bodyfat, reducing strain on internal organs 
Stabilizing and preventing joint injuries 
Improved sleep quality 
Improved mental wellbeing, supported through hormone regulation 
Increased bone density, keeping arthritis and other bone health issues at bay. 
“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” 
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